Mettet, Belgium

Mai 11-12, 2018




" Sun, dust, and rain... We are off to a season of unpredictable weather at every race.


This past weekend in Mettet, was rewarding to be back with our fans and share this experience with the Belgian and French crowds. There were many who brought up the memory of the explosive final I won in 2015 - the battle was particularly exciting that year, to say the least!  


This round, I am walking away with mixed feelings, hard to explain. The car is fast, our driving in the warm-up, Q2 and Q3 are very positive signs! I have to keep in mind that the car and the team only have 3 races under their belt... And to have started at this level of competition is a huge challenge.

But on the other hand, I come away frustrated to not have been able to succeed after all of the work that has been put in after so many months and by so many people to create this project.  


The mix of emotions between motivation, excitement, and frustration is something I've never encountered before. It is all definitely apart of the game at this level... The solidity of the competition means the smallest error can cost you your final. 


This time, the error was the Swedish man in the Q4. Two or three good hits and he sent me flying! 

Even Timur Timerzyanov asked how it was possible to rip off the dorsal while keeping the four wheels glued to the ground. It gave us a good laugh.

Mattias Ekström apologized after the disastrous start. But the damage was already done and I finished sooner than expected and on the roof no less. 



As of now, I am fully focused on Silverstone. Taking place at the home of our Prodrive team, I can't wait to get back in the seat of the Megane with so much more to show off! 



Talk soon,


Jerome74 "