Riga, Latvia

Sept 16-17, 2017

"This was the most jam-packed race of the season here in Latvia. On a difficult track due to weather on Saturday, my two fifth-best times from the Q1, Q2 allowed me to relax a little going on. I think it's the first time of the season that we had such a solid first day! 

Sunday, the most eventful day of RallyCross, I was in a position where I didn't have to chase after the points and could approach the race a little more laid-back...

... so laid-back I started the day off with a false start! I can't remember the last time I messed that one up. Just means I would be penalized with two Joker laps and a time that put me 13th.

With the 6th best time at the end of the Q4 the false start didn't affect me much in the end and I would start 3rd in the first semi. 

Semi-final, I left it all on the track. I climbed from 6th after an intense start and finished 4th. Once again, only a couple seconds short of making the final."