Riga, Latvia

Oct 1-2, 2016

" The challenge of this weekend was to be get back the spot of Vice Champion, which was left to Tord Linerud after the tough weekend in Sweden. 

Still sitting in the first 5 after the qualifiers, I got out second, next to the young champion Kevin Hansen, the start I needed to get in front  of the pack for the first turn.

At that moment, I think I earned myself back enough points to be able to taste the championship... With the final can still to go, anything can happen.

Somehow, I was glued to the starting line in the final and didn't quite make it onto the podium.

Looking back on the weekend, I think what kept me off the podium was not being a hair more precise enough during the long right turn of the track. 


... At the end of the final, I heard screaming on the radio "Vice-Champion of Europe!!". I had mixed feelings at first, no spot on the podium, but in the end, I chased down the Championship. 

The feeling of hard work paying off is a sweet one!"