Montalegre, Portugal





April 28-29, 2018




"If one there is one thing that got our attention this weekend in the northern Portuguese mountains, it was the unpredictable and constantly changing weather conditions. Another important thing to state is that this was the first time on the track for me. Guerlain had recently spent some time getting to know the track during a private session, however, I arrived in Montalegre with no prior knowledge of the grooves or specific details of the track. 



Facing this Portuguese track was no small task, especially since performance was directly linked to the ground conditions causing the lap times to vary by more than two seconds per turn per half hour!


Even though it was hard starting from zero, I have to admit I have so much fun behind the wheel of the Megane. The tandem GCK/Prodrive as always, put in such a high level of work, allowing us to be right up next to the greatest drivers of the weekend. Guerlain's position in the final is no doubt proof of that. 



We are now aiming toward our next step in Belgium, that will take place May 12th and 13th. I am happy to say I will find myself back in a familiar context as I have already competed on this track. It will be a great opportunity to share this experience with our sponsor Coyote who is also the title sponsor of the 3rd event of the FIA World Rallycross Championship."