May 14-15, 2016

Mettet, Belgium

" After our last round of testing last Wednesday, I was feeling good on a track that I am pretty comfortable with. I was feeling good all day.

It was awesome to be able to work for the first time with Tommy, the European Champion who joined me this winter on the Albatec Racing Team. 

On Thursday we spend the day unwrapping, mounting and doing last minute tweaking on  the car. My nerves are slowly starting to assemble in my stomach and everyone is working their positions. The team is looking great and things start to fall into place for the first draw of the season. What are the chances that my number is pulled first... 

We start off Saturday, in the trial laps, with quite a few strategies to work on. And when the start came around, its the moment of truth, when all the work and sacrifices you made during the off season will either be a success or a disaster.

Launched at 100km/h, I had a fraction of a second to make my decision. I have to brake early and pull back. I find myself side by side with the Polish driver, and now is the time to act. We politely bumped each other around a bit and I gain some distance. On the radio I am told to take the Joker on my last lap and I come out ahead... 5 rounds later and I brought home the Q1!

The season is off to a good start!"