Sept 2-3, 2017

Lohéac, France

"It's frustrating how history repeats itself. We have such a strong performance but lack the slightest bit of luck to get us on the podium.


Nevertheless, it was confirmed once again in Lohéac that the car performs great in all conditions.

On a dry track on Saturday with the 5th best time of the Q3 and on Sunday in the non-stop rain that makes for an extremely muddy track. 

No matter the tricky conditions, the DS3 had me feeling really comfortable, which was proved when I broke the record of best time in EuroRX and 7th best time in Euro/World in the Q4. And to toot my horn eve more, the 5th best time of the Joker lap in Euro/World of the Q4!

There was also the little run into I had with another driver. I tried to avoid with all my force, but it all ended quite poorly.

Semi-final... I flew off the starting line to position myself for the first turn, ready to squeeze into third place. But before I could get there, I got bumped from behind and was signalled to head in before making the situation worse.  

What really look my breath away this weekend was seeing the monstrous fighter planes fly over head. They were so close you could see the pilots. If you havent seen it, heard it, and felt the vibrations through your body, it is impossible to describe. 

To finish off, the team works hard and non-stop so that everything can be in pristine condition, and frankly, it is."