Höljes, Sweden

July 1-2, 2017

"Driving aggressively and catching air, I was able to score some great times in the qualifiers. 

Unfortunately this Swedish track spit me back out as I didn't quite make it into the finals for the second year in a row.

The Holjes track is very complex, technical and fast. Getting the chance to drive flat out on a track like this is indescribable, but that's what makes it so magical.  

Between the energetic environment where the crowd is practically jumping over the fences onto the track, the parties that take over the night, and the concentration the track demands during the races, it is all just craziness. You have to see it, and live it to really understand it. 

We had some bad luck during the Q1. It all started out well when I went flying out, in front of Tommy Rustad, and took control of the race... Then it started to go downhill on the second lap when I had some back tire issues, which landed me in a gravel pit. I have to say, flying down the track at 160 km/h, with a missing wheel, is not ideal... But all things considered, I still made it over the finish line. 

The bad luck continued to the Q3 where I then think it was more of an uncontrollable force that took over. After a good time in the Q2, we were well positioned on the start line. We take off, everything seems to be going great, and moments later, all my fellow drivers disappear from my peripherals. So I think, I pretty well won the take off.

It's when I came to the first turn when everything went south, and this uncontrollable force came into play. 

I felt two good bumps in my backs wheels that sent me flying straight into the garden.

After my first "rallye raid" experience, I somehow ended up in the first spot and held it together enough to win the leg, in a car that didn't drive straight nonetheless.

It was all pretty funny looking back on it now. A mishap like that costs 2 seconds, and in this part of the competition, two seconds is a lot to lose!

We had one last chance in the Q4 to give it all we had... Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough and we were eliminated after the qualifiers."