Hell, Norway

June 10-12, 2017

"I settled in to my DS3 on the seconde line during the semi-final. I had Robin Larsson, Anton Karklund and Tamas Pal Kiss waiting for the starting blast in front of me. I knew it was going to be a tough start. 

I was on the outside, and the only way to get around those three, and getting into the final, was by taking the joker lap on my first lap, which meant straight off of the starting line.

I hadn't done 10 metres and I was already driving side by side with Robin. But I knew that what he as hiding, what had helped him win World Rally Cross' before, and I didn't stand a chance. 

Only a couple seconds had passed since we took off, and I flew out second from the joker lap. Despite holding a good rythme and coming out with a great time, I was just off by a little, but enough to bump me out of the finals. 

It's been a while since I've let myself go like that behind the wheel, to drive so aggressively, and it feels good!  

Considering the last time I was behind this wheel was 11 weeks ago in Barcelona, I'm pretty happy with myself."