Hell, Norway

June 11-12, 2016

" I felt good in the car until the end of the trials on Friday night. Saturday started the same, but in spite of the feeling, I couldn't get the times I needed. Only a couple tenths of second missing, but at this point in the competition, that is considered a lot! 

We spent Saturday playing around with the set up of the car, and although it looked good in the stand, I couldn't seem to produce the times on the track. I felt a little more myself coming off the starting line, but spent the day driving circles around in fourth place.

I felt hesitant, which isn't a very reassuring feeling. We tried changing things up with the car, and with myself, but it didn't change much. I tried moving away from the basics to try something new, but still not any better.

Sunday morning, I decided to return to the source with a set up close to that I am used to and one that works for me. 

During the Q3 and Q4 I tried a new trajectory, brake point, style of driving altogether, but nothing seemed to work.

Somehow, getting run into from behind in the semi, I came out third and guaranteed my spot in the final. One race to go to finish the weekend off on a good note.

In the finals, I managed to follow closely behind Hansen. Things started to go awry on my second lap and I shot out third from the joker lap, all that was left to do was hold it to the end! 

In the final lap, I felt a weird vibration and heard a loud noise, my engine was shot...

Keeping positive moving on, I accumulated some good points for the Championship and I am anxious for Sweden in July!