April 1-2, 2017

Barcelona, Spain

" We started the weekend off satisfied that the car was fast and that we nailed our set up based on the testing we had previously performed.

It was at the end of the trial runs that our excitement got smothered, and fire started burnin'!

It only took a couple flames to completely destroy part of the electrical. Despite the intense efforts of the team, this kept us out of the Q1. 

The weekend and the season have taken off! We are last on the starting line and it will take three great qualifying runs to sneak us into the top 12 to move on to the finals. Needless to say we've got work to do and the skill level is high.

And those three qualifying legs were hectic! I had a victory in the Q2, but was penalized for too much contact. Q3: I was sandwiched between two of my opponents and ended up squeezing out with the victory. I started out fast and aggressive in the Q4. After a couple hits from behind that sent my it took me a good 100 metres to drift my way out of that one.

Where there's a will, and a solid hard working team, there's a way. And somehow we managed to pinch our way into 12th place!! 

I started off strong, and was positioned in a spot of advantage; being last, I get to decide. Ahead, the battle unravels and I try to keep clear of it. Cars are flying in every direction, and I steer clear of any contact. Apparently, it was a perfect strategy as I came out of the rubble in fourth place."