"Aim high.Go beyond."

Jerome grew up in the world of his family carpentry business. It was through a friend of his fathers that introduced him to the world of auto sports. 

At the ripe age of 19, Jerome participated in his first competition on ice, where he proudly showed off his first sponsor on his very first car. 


At the earliest stages of his career, equal to his talent behind the wheel of a race car, the young driver already showed a huge amount motivation and ambition.

Up until now, passionate about cars, and traveling around France to participate in model car competitions, Jerome did his first laps in Rally; on dirt tracks, asphalt and on tracks of ice in the winter. Experiences that would prove beneficial to his skill as a driver and in mastering the sensations of a car on all types of terrain. 


Obsessed, Jerome immediately embarked on his journey through the French Championship of Rally in 2006, racing on asphalt; where he became the youngest competitor to win a race. 

An Act for Rally

Rise to Champion

At the beginning of 2009, Jerome takes his future into his own hands. He has a vision and is dedicated to competing in Rallycross. Even if he has to start from scratch, this explosive, intense, aggressive discipline, is to him the mechanical sport of the future. 

Jerome, who worked hard to build and finalise his network or partners, throws himself toward a new challenge. His hard work was rewarded as he bring home the French Championship in 2013, and in 2015 and 2016 becomes Vice-Champion of Europe!